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What is Content Marketing?

People who are familiar with Digital marketing know how important content marketing is. Generating and dispersing the content that establishes value and relevance is the key to a good content marketing strategy.


With the rise of digital marketing, you don’t have to physically market your products and services anymore. We are here to clear all your confusions and to help you reach your target audience with ease.

Why is Content Marketing necessary?

When it comes to digital marketing there’s nothing more important than your content’s quality. Having a well-designed website with an excellent social profile optimization will mean nothing if your audience doesn’t see value in your content.

Your content should either be informational, relatable, engaging, or entertaining without which it serves no purpose.


Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing represents a vast variety of content which includes documents, audios, videos, pictures, online resources, etc., On a wider perspective, it consists of:

Social Media Posts







Audio Books



PDFs, etc.

All these content marketing elements should be inspected separately to either be informational, helpful, entertaining, or relatable.

Social Media Posts

Billions of people use social media on an everyday basis. Out of all the internet users, over 90% of them use social media.

Social media attracts billions of people each day and some report suggests that about 90% of all the internet users use social media.

The content you post on your social media needs to stay brief and incisive in order to be easily shareable.

Have in mind that over 91% of all social media users access it through their mobile phones.


Blogging is an amazing way to give out informational content on your website.

Blogs that are casual and easy to relate are a great way to share informative content on your site and needless to say that it also increases your website’s time on page.

If you need to captivate your visitor into spending more time on your website, consider adding internal links that redirect to your other blog posts.

If they find your content valuable, the odds of them signing up for your newsletters skyrockets.


Infographics, visuals, and other image contents have a much greater impact on your audience when compared to words.

Infographics make use of graphs and statistics in order to assist the reader to understand the content better without having to read.

There are reports that suggest, out of all the people who visit your posts, 90% of them find value in the images and almost all of them pay attention to the headline.


Video Marketing is the present and the future of marketing. Video content can have twice the impact than of an image or audio content.

Video content has twice as much value than audio and image content summed up. It is for this seo chennai reason, video marketing forms the base of the future of marketing.

There are numerous options to create convincing videos without breaking your pockets, giving your audience a thorough perception of your brand and products.

When it comes to creating engaging content for your audience, videos are the best way to do it.

Courses & Webinars

Experts from diverse fields are now curating courses and webinars with the vision to provide good insights to their audience.

If you can convince the people that you know what you’re talking about, they develop a deep-rooted trust in you and the mastery you have over the subject.

It is one of the easiest ways to convince people to buy your courses and to make them attend your webinars.

Podcasts & Audio Books

Podcasts and Audiobooks are a boon of this generation.

People of this generation love multitasking and podcasts are a great privilege that they have now.

There was never a better time than now to create audio content as there is a huge set of people who prefer listening to audiobooks and podcasts while driving, cooking, and cleaning.

Marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs need to make use of this opportunity and shift their focus into creating podcasts and audiobooks.

PDFs & other documents

Though most of the types of content we discussed above are online-based, giving out downloadable freebies is a huge perk of gaining more email subscribers on your list. Adding lead magnets on your website and giving out content like this via mail is one proven way to increase your costumers and website visits. Some of the popular document formats are:

Distributing downloadable freebies is one of your best chances of gaining more email subscribers online.

If you are planning on increasing your number of customers and website visits, including lead magnets and offering content like this through e-mails is the best way to go.

These attachments include PDFs, presentations, white papers, checklists, and e-books.

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Why is Rankraze the Best Content Marketing Agency?

With Rankraze, you don’t have to endure the struggle of going through different types of content marketing as we are here to guide you. Rankraze is known for its pristine content marketing in Texas and we can serve it to your target audience.

The following is a list of all the services included in our content marketing:

Article Writing

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Social Media Writing

Our team of experts will offer aid and assistance through each and every step, fulfilling all your content needs which explains why we have clients from various states and countries.